Monster in the kitchen

If you browse around this blog, you may notice one thing in common. All the videos we’ve got started with nonnude webcam girl who eventually changes her status to semi or fully nude. Well, I’m ok with that, but how about a small change? How about a tease type of vid? Like the one where she’s barely showing off
the nipples or stuff like that. I hope you you’re ok with this too, because I love it. Especially when the breast is so big that even when she tries
to cover the nipple, the boob is technically naked. But it’s not. I could embed a fully naked clip of her, she does that, but as I said – I did not want to. The girl is a pretty popular model on the biggest webcam site these days, her name is
Cherrykichix or something similar. She’s a STACKED ebony lady, more on the BBW side. If you like her,or busty black women in general, check out also this post
this should save you some time scrolling the main page. So besides a half-naked, monster-sized tit, you will also see plenty of goofiness, dancing in the kitchen and stuff like that. Oh and I also lied to you, she gets topless, of course.

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