Ebony Dream

Where do these women come from? I ask myself this question every time I see a girl like this. I mean, honestly – how often do you see a woman with boobs so big? Not that I’m complaining or anything, just genuinely curious. The ebony beauty in today’s update is popular on one of the biggest webcam sites these days, and every time she’s online, you will see her on the main page of Juggycams as well. I think she’s got a really attractive skin color, not counting the truly monstrous breasts. These tits are all natural, by the way. I just hope to find more models like her and feature them on this site!

What’s new @ Juggycams? Well, other than the constant additions of new models, not much really. Oh, we’ve added an “about us” section, you can check out here. Adding new cam girls is pretty time-consuming activity alone, but the tube section should be ready early next year so stay tuned. Have a great coming week everyone and visit us from time to time!